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Behind the leadership of PHILFLEX is the acquisition of superior machines and equipment that are among the best in the world, allowing the company to produce consistently high-quality cables that spell customer satisfaction beyond compare.  

  • NIEHOFF M-85, the world's best extra-heavy duty rod breakdown machine from Germany 
  • High capacity 120mm jacketing line from a reputed company - TROESTER, Germany 
  • Japan's top-of-the-line computerized and automated KOBELCO primary insulating machine with actual speed of 2500 meters of wire per minute, or 150 KPH 
  • CABALLE drum twister with sophisticated pay-offs and grouping capability of up to 3600 pairs 
  • High output Multi-Wire Drawing Machine from HENRICH, Germany 
  • Top-of-the-line highly efficient KUHARA enameling machines from Japan. 
  • State-of-the-Art Rigid Strander from POURTIER, France - world leader in stranding machines 
  • Environmentally-friendly Tin Coating Machine 
  • High speed WARDWELL Braiding Machine from the USA 
  • DEATECH high speed/energy efficient vertical enameling machine from Italy 
  • Triple crosshead insulating line for high voltage cable from NOKIA-MAILLEFER (Finland-Switzerland), world leader in extrusion technology 
  • Super high-speed single bow bunching machine from O. M. LESMO, Italy. 
  • Fine wire drawing machines from Japan 
  • Ultra high-speed 1+6B skip strander from the highly acclaimed CABALLE of Spain 
High-precision testing equipment

With PHILFLEX, the pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process. PHILFLEX integrates the latest in I. T. applications into its research and development program en route to further innovations. The acquisition of advanced heavy-duty testing equipment enables the company to produce high performance products, giving PHILFLEX the distinction of being the only company of its kind to produce cables that are virtually defect free that can even surpass some of the most demanding industry specifications.  

 With the intent of becoming Asia's premier manufacturer of world-class wires and cables, PHILFLEX continues to pursue excellence in its field of actionů beyond the next millenium.  

  • DCM High Performance Cable Measuring System 
  • DCM High Voltage and IR Measuring System 
  • DCM Resistance Tester (DCM is the world's leading supplier of test and measurement systems for telecommunication wire and cable manufacturers and telephone companies.) 
  • HIPOTRONICS AC Resonance High Voltage Tester with Partial Discharge Detector (Corona Level) 
  • ZUMBACH Laser In Line Diameter Control from Switzerland 
  • ZUMBACH In Line Capacitance Control 
  • Computerized Tensile Strength 
  • Aging Oven 
  • Torture Twist Test 
  • Conductor Resistance 
  • Scrape Abrasion Test 
  • Insulation Resistance 
  • Dielectric Strength Test 
  • Double Bridge Resistance Test 
  • Profile Projector 
  • Flame Retardant Test 
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